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hey guys

2008-01-07 09:11:25 by anti-microsoft

geeze been a while guys
i feel like i havent been online in ages
well i'm here now and i'm still makin that game
as per usual pm me if you have an idea for a storyline for me game (yes i'm still stumped on that one)
if you have an appreciation for game music then check out some of the stuff i made and submitted

some of you may know me as dark jak from (short for anime revolution X) is a forum site run by a friend of mine
if your looking for a certain anime thats a good place to start.

well i think i've droned on long enough for now


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2008-01-07 09:45:46

How about making a comical Windows simulator? :P

anti-microsoft responds:

i seem to recall 1 called windows ng its in the windows collection go take a look


2008-01-24 11:47:31

Hehe, a Microsoft hater, I like you allready! Screw Bill Gates with his crappy 'Vista'!!

anti-microsoft responds:

lol thanx man
at least bill gates is retired now