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Entry #2

i'm back after a long time away

2008-03-08 12:28:42 by anti-microsoft

hey guess whos back again!
...what no messages about that game storyline? oh now i'm dissappointed
well same offer stands he who gives me a storyline that gets used gets a free copy of the game

new this is aposed to be a news post isnt it? well the only news i have is i nearly got done in
by a hacker and my laptop screwed up

now that the news is out of the way some of you might know me from
i'm known as dark jak on there so if u know me give me a buzz!
if not i suggest you have a look at that site because its the best for anime of all sorts

now i know i said it heaps of times but if your into video game music check out some of me stuff!


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2008-04-19 23:37:15

I care more about my own feces than you being back.


2008-04-21 06:21:09

THe people who created Nintendoh! arent going to do shit for you to appease you.


2008-10-11 03:17:47

anyone who cares more about their own shit than anything else is a shithead indeed.


2009-05-26 19:21:07

anti-microsoft I think your great.
Up With Macs and Nintendo!
Down with XBox and microsoft!